Monday, January 28, 2008


Spent most of the weekend working on Flair. I am using KnitPicks Main Line in Antique Rose. It's the first time I've used this yarn and I love it. The blend of cotton and wool makes for a really soft but not squeaky yarn. I'll post a picture soon.

While I was knitting (and watching Buffy, as usual), I was also scanning the knitting patterns I have ripped out of my old magazines and turning them into PDFs so I can trash the originals. It is taking FOREVER! But, once I'm done, I'll know what patterns I have and won't have to depend on those flimsy magazine pages. Slowly but surely.

I am debating on purchasing (which really means I'm waiting for the $$$) some Dream in Color Classy from anyThe Yarn & Fiber Company. My plans include Deep Seaflower for Mr. Greenjeans and In Vino Veritas for Wicked. Also planning to make Koolhaas in Nightwatch. I saw a beautiful one on Ravelry in this color. Desire to make Koolhaas has led me to the "Great Scanning Project of '08". I know I bought the IK it was in but I'm not sure where the pattern is. Surely I kept it. Anyway, I just found YAFC. Don't know how I've missed it up till now. Seems like a great store and the DIC yarn is really affordable (it's all relative)!

Red is My Favorite Color

74% Tom Tancredo
70% Fred Thompson
69% Rudy Giuliani
69% Mitt Romney
66% John McCain
65% Mike Huckabee
57% Ron Paul
40% Chris Dodd
37% Bill Richardson
36% Hillary Clinton
33% Mike Gravel
33% John Edwards
31% Barack Obama
25% Dennis Kucinich
24% Joe Biden

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz