Saturday, May 27, 2006

Amazing Lace pre-post

I have now joined The Amazing Lace! I will be posted the official team photo later (after I've had a shower) . I'm excited about doing this and it has forced me to create a blog, something I've wanted to do for a year but just haven't taken the time. A little about me...I'm married with a dog, 3 cats, 2 turtles and a handful of fish. I'm an accountant (a very exciting career) so I need a fun outlet. Knitting is my obsession! I love the whole process of creating something beautiful from some string and two sticks. I haven't been knitting very long (2 1/2 years) but I've come pretty far in a short time. My first lace project was about a year ago: Phoebe from IK Spring 2005. Then, not too long after, I made Cozy from These are probably not what some people might consider to be lace but there a lots of holes and its easy to mess up so that classifies them as lace in my book.


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